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 Presidential Courage, Three Speeches That Changed America by Warren Kozak tells the secret to great leadership through three presidents who faced the greatest challenges in American history.

On the night of D-Day, Franklin Roosevelt leads an anxious nation in prayer. “Our sons, pride of our nation,” stands out as one of the American presidency’s finest moments.

In 1963, John F. Kennedy challenges America to end segregation.

And near the end of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln tells Americans that the way forward is not through retribution, but reconciliation.

This book shows the ultimate attribute of leadership – courage.


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“The finest military strategist this nation has ever produced.” – Robert S. McNamara

“The smartest man I ever met.” — Judge Ralph Nutter

“My least favorite human being.” — Ted Sorensen

He never fit the image of the American flyboy — dashing, handsome, suave. He was, instead, dark, brooding and forbidding. He rarely smiled, he spoke even less and when he did, his few words seemed to come out in a snarl. Women who were seated next to him said he could sit through an entire dinner and not utter a single syllable. He was surly, tactless and with a lifeless, moist cigar constantly locked between his teeth he became a walking stereotype of the brutal, inhuman militarist. Most people found him frightening.

LeMay was a mass of inconsistencies … while he was cold and surly and seemingly tough as nails, he was also plagued by self-doubt. He sent men to their deaths but worried that he was too soft and cared about them too much to become a successful commander. He tried, against all odds, to make pin-point bombing work in the early stages of strategic bombing in order to kill fewer civilians, but he went on to slaughter hundreds of thousands by burning entire cities to the ground with napalm. At the end of his career, he destroyed any semblance of his reputation by running with George Wallace in one of the most racially charged campaigns of modern times, yet there is nothing in his actions or deeds that shows any prejudice whatsoever. He helped integrate the Air Force in the late 1940s ahead of the Army and Navy, he stamped out bigotry whenever he encountered it and he was personally disgusted by Wallace’s comments.

Warren Kozak has put together the first extensive biography of LeMay in almost a quarter of a century. Through personal interviews with LeMay’s family and the last surviving men who served under him along with declassified papers, Kozak has brilliantly woven together a remarkable portrait of this highly complex and fascinating individual — one of the most controversial figures in our nation’s history whose life raises important and relevant ethical issues that we still face today.

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The Rabbi of 84th Street

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The Rabbi of 84th Street: The Extraordinary Life of Haskel Besser
Always wearing an easy smile, Hasidic rabbi Haskel Besser spreads joy wherever he goes, enriching the lives of his many friends and congregants with his profound understanding of both Orthodox Judaism and human nature.

With warmth and admiration, journalist Warren Kozak writes about the rabbi’s extraordinary life–from his family’s escape to Palestine in the late 1930s to his witnessing of Israel’s rebirth in 1948, to his move to New York City, where he lives today.

A rare window into the normally closed world of Hasidic Jews, “The Rabbi of 84th Street” is also the story of Judaism in the twentieth century; of the importance of centuries-old traditions; and of the triumph of faith, kindness, and spirit.