Waving Goodbye: Life After Loss - books by Warren Kozak

Waving Goodbye: Life After Loss

To those around me—my friends, my colleagues, even my daughter—I appear normal, but in one very fundamental way, I am not.

The old me left with my wife. I’m not sure who this new person is—I am still evolving. But I will tell you this with absolute certainty: I am not the same person I was before my wife died on January 1, 2018.

For anyone struggling with the loss of a spouse—anyone whose world has been turned upside down in a way they’ve never encountered before—here is something that could help… > READ MORE

Lemay - books by Warren Kozak

The Life and Wars of General Curtis LeMay

He never fit the image of the American flyboy — dashing, handsome, suave. He was, instead, dark, brooding and forbidding. He rarely smiled, he spoke even less and when he did, his few words…

The Rabbi of 84th Street - books by Warren Kozak

The Rabbi of 84th Street: The Extraordinary Life of Haskel Besser

He has spent his life studying and learning so that he might someday understand why, while  all people on earth are given the gift of life, he received that precious inheritance not once…

Presidential Courage - books by Warren Kozak

Presidential Courage, Three Speeches That Changed America

Tells the secret to great leadership through three presidents who faced the greatest challenges in American history head-on with courageous speeches that unified the country…