Waving Goodbye: Life After Loss

(Coming April 2024)

For anyone struggling with the loss of a spouse—anyone whose world has been turned upside down in a way they’ve never encountered before—here is something that could help. Waving Goodbye is a candid, honest, and approachable guide to dealing with the death of a spouse written by a very ordinary guy who has lived through the ordeal… > READ MORE

Curtis Lemay

“Curtis LeMay understood that if he was going to do his job well, he would have to give up any chance at being liked. Not just by the enemy combatants and civilians whom he destroyed by the thousands, but by his own men, whom he pushed without letup.
It was the only way to make them victorious and help save their lives.”
LeMay: The Life and Wars of General Curtis LeMay

Top photo credit: Shahar Azran