Journalist, author, essayist and consultant, Warren Kozak has served as the writer for some of the top anchors on network television, including Ted Koppel, Charlie Gibson, Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer, Aaron Brown and Lou Dobbs, among others.

Warren was an on-air reporter for N.P.R. in the 1980s, working out of New York and Washington, where he covered the Capitol, State Department and Pentagon. He traveled on two presidential campaigns and lived and worked in Beijing, China.

He is the co-writer, along with Eric Sevareid, of an award winning PBS documentary, Kristallnacht, The Journey From 1938 to 1988. And he is a winner of the prestigious Benton Fellowship at the University of Chicago.

Warren Kozak, with the subject of his first biography, Rabbi Haskel Besser, in Poland.

Warren’s first book, The Rabbi Of 84th Street, was a biography of Rabbi Haskel Besser, published by HarperCollins in 2004. This book looked at the Hasidic world of pre-war Poland and its miraculous rebirth following the devastation of World War II through the life of this remarkable individual.

His second book, LeMay, The Life And Wars of General Curtis LeMay was published by Regnery in 2009. This was the first complete biography of the controversial U.S. Air Force General in a quarter-of-a-century, whose career shaped the U.S. victories in World War II and the Cold War.

Warren Kozak in flight on a SAC B-52 bomber, for NPR story, 1983

Warren’s work appears on the OPED pages of the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and the New York Sun as well as other newspapers and magazines. His on-air commentaries appeared regularly on ABC’s World News Now, where he was one of that show’s original writers, as well as CNN.

Venues for his talks include West Point, the U.S. Air Force Academy, the University of Wisconsin, his alma mater, and the 92nd Street Y in New York City.

Warren Kozak was born in Wisconsin, where he grew up. He attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison graduating with a B.A. in Political Science.